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Quizzing is an act of answering questions within a given time frame most accurately. Quizzing is known for having lucky persons shining and person with much knowledge under performing.

Abdul Wajid CK

I was one of the yet another 4th standard student until I realised that I love details, and history. It was yet another casual shopping day at Moulavi Book Depot, Kasaragod. I was dragged to a book, which had one of the best cover and beautifully written “General Quiz”. I bought it even tough I was unaware of the great person life experience which was laying infront of me. I began to learn each and every questions and answering to the question like I was on cloud 9. I was so fascinated by the quiz that along with some of my friends, we used to conduct “Jungle Quiz” in our class. I am very happy to recall those names, they were Anasuddin SS, Mohammed Shafeeq and Ahammed Afeef.

Quiz made me remember them, I recall my best friends telling me about the foolishness of conducting quiz for no use and of no use. Today, sitting here at cochin, infant of memories I left here at my home land.  I am very happy to remember those faces, which won’t be fading away anytime soon.

Dedicated to all my dear friends, I am writing this series of posts related to Quizzing and how to achieve unbelievable quizzing abilities. We will be interacting through the comment section of every post. If anyone needs clarification for any of the facts listed in each of the posts, try to shoot a mail as soon as possible.


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To keep the trustworthiness here I add a scenic view of my village, Chembarikka. 


I Don’t Know What Happened to Me My Love

For the last one year I made you cry every other day. Today for the oddest reason ever possible, I made you cry. You know, we came to meet from a really unpredictable angle of life. Though we were in the same school, we never met. We travelled through many rollercoaster of emotions, and ever rollercoaster life. I don’t know my love what happened to me, I am acting unusual and I am not doing what I supposed to do.
For the last one year, I am was busy skipping namazes and forgetting to recite holy Quran. I guess some sort of negative energy filled in my heart, I wonder myself how I person like me become this bad. In shaa allah, If you make try better I will be a better person that I am.
I was literally shocked to see my entrance results and all, Don’t you remember those moments we were praying always to get a rank for you and a good rank for me?. What made us what we are today? from what we used to be. I don’t really know my love, may be because I have many expectations about you. The college which you now studies was once my favourite college, but the thing I hate most on my life is that college. I succumbed to my hate feelings about that college.

Let’s forget the past and let’s weave a new future. I understood and appreciate that you are no more the one I liked or loved, but you are the person I loved. What we can do to make everything okey once again? Do you have any suggestions baby?

The Way You Can’t Master Anything

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The Philosophy Times

This post is part of the Daily Prompts by Daily Post. Before I blah blah blah everything about my past to present, I would like to force my dearest readers to go through my past, the About Me I had written some years ago.

People around the world cries over their some sort of inability to master something, something they think they should master with a short time period. I am here to tell a tale, a great lesson from my own life. They way I mastered the things I thought I never could do.

“You want to became something great, right?”, the question which touched my heart. I was not sure how to respond to this question, So I kept mum.  I know, I am the weakest among all in those topics which I should exile in. My mind took a steep curve and was boggling with thousands of…

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KTUBLOG.COM launched

I and my group of friends has now came up with a whole new idea of promoting open source learning materials for his fellow Abdul Kalam Technological University, Kerala students. The website is obviously named as KTU Blog; since the name is catchy and easy to remember.

The website now features many new, yet sophisticated articles which will be completely new to the fellow university students. There are a lot of new generation methods to get acquainted with the new subjects and topics.

One of the main attractions of the site is the section where we introduce the ‘How to Study’ articles from worlds best authors and professionals.


Abdul Wajid

How To Idolize No One And Make Everyone Idolize You

Before I comes up with the Kota Life adventures, let me clear off some debts I have

The Philosophy Times

Before I begin:

I had undergone a severe bike accident and god rescued me. Let me thank my lord Allah before I write any further.

The teenage blood is full of expectations and anxiety, that is the age when you are lured into every thing your body loves rather than what your heart loves to do. You will be a fan of Justin Bieber or someone famous if you love fame and money, You might fall in love with Lionel Messi if you are a football fan. That’s what we are, the young blood.

Do you know?, In every 5 minutes 4 out of 5 teenagers is doing some illegal thing. That’s what we have to consider, why does they be like this?. Talking psychologically this is the period when the human brain reaches its maximum growth at that point it love something that could raise its enjoyment level, and…

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How To Idolize No One And Make Everyone Idolize You

Before I begin:

I had undergone a severe bike accident and god rescued me. Let me thank my lord Allah before I write any further.

The teenage blood is full of expectations and anxiety, that is the age when you are lured into every thing your body loves rather than what your heart loves to do. You will be a fan of Justin Bieber or someone famous if you love fame and money, You might fall in love with Lionel Messi if you are a football fan. That’s what we are, the young blood.

Do you know?, In every 5 minutes 4 out of 5 teenagers is doing some illegal thing. That’s what we have to consider, why does they be like this?. Talking psychologically this is the period when the human brain reaches its maximum growth at that point it love something that could raise its enjoyment level, and do you know?, our brain loves adventures; even if you are  not into adventures.
If you are a fan of someone?, something?.. Just try to remember those moments prior to the moment you yourself gone sure about being fan of him/her/thing. You will remember being   checking out videos, new shots, new films, new products and you might have looked deeper to what do others say. When we are willing to idolize someone, we are risking our precious time, precious chances that might make you the next idol.  Every micro moments you spent to check out their new song, new product or new film is destroying the chances that you will be someday more popular than them.

Cut the crap before it stinks you, that is when you are having feelings that you need to check out something new from your wannabe idol, you need to stop doing that at first phase. You should try to forget and concentrate yourself into something other than what you were doing. That might be very hard for some wanna be die-hard fan, but if you are refraining to keep away from that, then at some moment in the future you will have to curse your past.

I believe, now you have psychologically prepared to confront situations which will transform you into some fan. Then, we should move into the next phase, to make you awesome and successful and without a doubt make others idolize you.
What was the thing which you loved to do in your past?, when you were young and energetic than today?.
If you haven’t, then you really hadn’t any passions. Therefore, you should kick whatever you see right now and search for some passion.

Let it be playing games, drawing, reading, writing, programming, blogging and etc. You can be the leader in everything, the range of audience or people that will idolize you someday may vary. But, though you can rule your genre of hobby. You should have unlimited passion for it. You should slowly learn how to do better at what you are doing, what you intended to do.
For me, I have a large pool of passion. From writing to programming, I had been mastering those ever since my 7th grade. They way I do something is closely related to reading and acquiring knowledge. Having knowledge, deeply I mean is the key to every kind of success and success stories. For example, Someone who doesn’t know how to read couldn’t exile in reading and for everything too.

So, not only having passion, but also having knowledge and unlimited engery will take you higher and will elevate you to the fame of being successful.

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10 Years of Comma – Chapter One

That was yet another moment of despair and sorrow, The world around me seemed so sticky and senseless. I had to cough aloud to get some help since there was no sound coming out of my throat, someone grabbed my hand and held close to their chest. Gave me life, that was the duty the unknown had done. The next thing I saw was a smile, One of the most beautiful smiles I ever confronted. I looked so keenly, this was the person I never had seen in my real life, but in one of my dreams. That same smile, hair and smell too. At some moment the smile changed to laugh and there was a sweet kiss on my cheek.
‘Hey! Still dreaming?’

I tried to bite my finger to check whether this not any other dream, it wasn’t since I got pain. The laughter was some more stronger now. She was helping me get up, a glass of juice was moving too near to my mouth.
‘Open your mouth, drink this. You are too tired’
Without any hesitation from my side, my mouth opened and she poured a little of juice into my mouth. My tongue was in heaven, I never ever drank some juice this tasty. I felt like the pain in my hand is slowly waiving away. She had been taking care of me for the last 28 hours, I wondered why on earth this lady is taking care of me. She doesn’t even know me.

‘Wait while I cook food for us’

Us?, My mind had an electric shock, one of the most dangerous ones. She said US?. The smell of rice was coming out of somewhere, someone is talking and asking about my health status. I was not in a condition to open my eyes wide, all I can see is some blurry figures at distances and flames.

The figure can soo close to me, I pretend to be asleep, they were checking my forehead.
‘No fever, dear Alyssa, He is okay’- I could hear the happiness in his words.
‘I know, he will. But, let me rest for a while, brother’ – She replied.
He was walking away, he walked out of the room as I heard the door close. She has too gone somewhere else since another door was also closed. I heard water running and a voice singing. The song was unidentifiable, but was filled with most beautiful joy and happiness. The door was open again, sweet scent from freshly bathed person filled the room. I heard the steely sound of plates and sharp sound of glass. I could tell she was serving food.

‘Are you okay?, My Dear’ – She inquired with full of doubt in her voice. I was afraid, but even though I couldn’t keep someone sad while taking the best care of me.

‘Yea… Yeah, I am’ – I replied, I was shocked to know that my whole body pained while I tried to speak.

Thank god, She said and came close to me. Something was touching my lips, my heart trembled a bit, it was a never-before kissing.
‘You are really mine, I had been waiting for you for the last 10 years my love’ – The voice introduced. She made me eat the food , it was fried rice, my favorite food. I wondered how on earth she knew my favorite food.

‘Here is your favorite Chikku Juice’

OMG! She knows my favorites and she knows me very well. I wasn’t so courageous to ask, But I needed to ask Who this lady is. But, to relieve my hunger I gave preference to finishing eating first.

‘Enough’ – I said.

She washed my hands and mouth. Her hands were cleaning me well, a towel dried me. She told me to sleep, She was getting in bed with me. By the moment I placed my head on the pillow, I was asleep. I listened to the chirpy voice of some alarm. I ran my hands right on the bed I was sleeping where she was lying, She wasn’t there. I called out aloud.

‘Lady?, Oh lady’ – No replies came. My mind was having strange feelings, I was afraid. I called again and again, but of no use. I tried

to get up from the bed. I couldn’t move my legs, I ran my hands down my legs to the toe, I touched something like a chain, I ran my finger again. I was shocked to death to sense that was a chain. I was locked in bed. My temper got hooked, I was crying, screaming and make loud voice at the same time. An hurrying footsteps were heard.

‘Dearest, What happened.’ – The she got too close and asked me.

‘Why on earth I am locked’ – A asked as loud as I can. There were no replies, no sound, no damn movement could be heard. A low weep was heard with occasional sighs. A drop of tear reached my cheeks.

‘Hey! What happened?, Why are you crying?’ – I asked in a very comfortable voice, eventough anger was dominating my inner self. Again, I heard only another weep. I could hear the slow chanting of something. She was trying to speak.

‘It is a long story’ – She was trying a lot to say further.

‘Do you know how long you are, being here for?’ – She asked me while placing her hands over mine. It was very wet, I could sense. She wiped away a lot of tears, I thought.
‘Two days’ – I replied.
She laughed low and told me I was wrong.
‘You had been sleeping here for a straight 7 years and 200 days. I told you, it was a long story.’

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‘Million Dollar Arm’ Trailer – Detailed Review

The soundtrack used in the trialer is Hall Of Fame” song by THE SCRIPT

Desperate for a good trailer I was ploughing through YouTube and came across ‘Million Dollar Arm’ trailer. At the very first moment it stole my heart, before I began to move my finger to write this review, I had been playing the trailer for the first time tough.



Million Dollar Arm Poster

From the first second itself the ‘Million Dollar Arm’ doesn’t fail to impress the viewer, a perfect blending of music and monologue make the first impression, the best one. At the very beginning of the trailer, the one who introduces himself as JB Bernstein begins by introducing who he is and what he is, It is not a big thing to discuss, but while you watch the trailer, elevate the volume to best possible level and closely hear the tone changes, the changing of his voice tone, it is the perfect sound for any self explanatory situations.

From the very beginning to the last moment of the trailer they have been doing the magic with music, the tone and the graphics. The background music is a blend of very different genres of it. From low temp to high tempo, everything is just magnificent. An AR Rahman touches. At the time of the player hitting ball, catching it, and at the time of trail approval.

Let me analyze the a 30 second wise.

0:00 – 0:30

First 5 second passes with the certification details of the American motion picture association and the next two seconds with a blank black screen. Then it is followed by the Disney notification and again a black screen, which adds a great beauty to the trailer, which is very often seen in any of the trailers of Hollywood films. Then, the lead actor himself introduces him to the audience with a blurry video where some guys playing baseball and at the moment when one of the player hits the ball we could sense the beginning of musical majesty. Explaining his current situation and introducing the viewer to little knowledge of some deals and all. The one thing we should keenly observe is mood changes of characters.

0:30 – 1:00

Some fast videos with perfect backgrounds and JB Bernstein watching the television and him finding out the way Indians pitch the ball in cricket, he himself feel like he found his destiny. One of the major failure comes when there is no channel branding on the television screen he watches the cricket, no cricket is aired live or highlighted without any branding in any channels whatsoever. The trailer introduces him in India, with a beautiful, loud, sharp and attention stealing music having someone sing “Shakalaka Boon, Boom, Shakalaka Boom”, portraying Crowdy Indian street, not-so-beautiful Indian building and streets where people walked rushed and involved in their own business. The monologue keeps the trailer engaging as if JB Bernstein is having a talk with the viewer. At the 0:56 they began showing the way they selects the players for them to train. Some way, the directors and the film officials done a great job gathering the people calm and quiet, which is someway not possible in India. Some funny moments and the ability of the man who is in charge to sense the speed of ball with his closed eyes makes us keep viewing the trailer further.

1:00 – 1:30

They found some finalists as they announce it there, and the trailer is again potraying the America with a long, steady shot of an American city and a beach. What stole my attention was again the music there, which kills the boredom created by the video. At some point, Disney actually made Indians a joke, that one of the players don’t know how an elevator is. Actually Indians has seen lakhs of elevators more than what Americans has seen, since in every 5 kilometers, we have got something which poses at least one elevator. The moment when they sees the JB Bernsteins lover or wife whatsoever is, they the players call her as ‘beautiful servant’ which was actually a failed attempt from the creators to tell the audience that the Indians are actually unaware of the American culture. In background some song is being played, which is actually beautiful and attention seeking than the pointless video.

1:30 – 2:00

There come the blames to the JB Bernstein, that these kids couldn’t do any well in baseball and so on. Pefect facial expression, voice, tones, background musics, plots and everything keep the trailer a better visual experience. And a public display of the kids performing and TV panel discussing about their disabilities, which every typical Indian movie does before the outburst of abilities of the leading characters (or actors). From 1:41 onwards some sad disappointment by the JB Bernstein and his love conveying him to do the family thing, to make them feel home. I am kinda sure, this was a big turning point in the whole film and they exposed it before the release, which is in anyway a failed attempt. The kids without their usual smiling face made me believe this film will be anyway, a great treat for us. At 1:54 the loud music followed by Indian dance is done, and it is very, very great visual treat, for me at least. A long, long shot of stadium, a sign of confidence in the face players and perfect music.

2:00 – 2:31

The way he brings Indian tradition to the players make them somehow confident and then follows the success of the players. I believe almost all of the story was portayed in this trailer. But, if they does this, I am confident that they hid some surprise for us to in the film. I believe we have to wait until May 16th, 2014.

Let’s stay tuned.

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The Night – The Time When the Dark Forces Blesses Me

For me, sleep means nothing more than an act which lasts for only less than three hours, for me the mere 3 hours is more than enough, despite of whatever the scientist says.

It was a cloudy, fiercy night of 2010, I was hurrying to complete a project I took, I had to skip a day’s sleep since I should keep my word. I was fully involved in the project before I saw the clock tick 12, I was dumbfounded. For the very first time in my life I slept past 11, I was literally happy. Somehow I completed my project with the help of some friends online, Thanks to them. Even tough the project was swiftly completed, I thought of risking my nights sleep to know how much could I persevere. I began writing a story, It was one of the beautiful stories I have ever written, but as the fate says, I lost it. I wondered, how on earth could I stay for this long?, That was the moment when I understood the power of decision and determination. I was subliminally getting better than whatever I used to be. I slept at 5 and woke up at 8, heard too much from parents since I had skipped the morning prayer. I have done the rituals seeking my god to forgive me, after all I was involved in daily chores as I used to be, I never felt a bit of drowsiness. I was really wondering how didn’t I felt any kind of drowsiness while others feel the worst when they skip a night’s sleep? The next day thought me that something else let me do this. Years passed by like a little drop water flow along with the heaps of water that follows.

This is 2014, still I firmly follows my rule, Still I could stay awake as long as I need. While I am awake in the midst of night, I still feels the force which helps me to do everything I need to. At the peak of night, If I could write anything, that’s the perfect thing I does at the night. I could do wonders with my pen, How?.

While I am fully awake in the mornings, My mind is fully filled with thoughts of unwanted things and feeling that I couldn’t do any better with the pens. But, While I am partially awake, I have nothing else in my mind other than my pen, my topic and my determination and I now understood that this is the dark force. The black force which is very magnificent in producing the better out of me.

Do you know?, and have you ever tried doing things being awake?, I guess you haven’t. I insist you should try sometimes, to stay awake and do things. I am sure you will be falling asleep every now and then. Get up, do the thing you were doing, again and again. Sleep right after doing things, and keep no chance to reread what you have written. Again in morning you should read it, you will feel some magnificence in your writing. You might have came across something amazing, then you should keep doing things at late nights, But if you have done everything very bad than you expected, You should quit doing things at night.

I admit, I have studied a larger portions for my exams at late night, rather than in early morning and It was never a failure. Thank god.

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Kerala Exam Results – The Truth, Exposed

Times Up, the education system in Kerala should undergo a massive makeover, or let me warn you again, the upcoming students from Kerala will be undergoing a thorough discrimination from all over the world. There might be people who selfly taught to be an intellectual may raise their pathetic voice against what I would follow in this piece of article.
But, I would let them learn about the pathetic condition of education in Kerala at this moment.

I used to score the best marks that a student could take in my younger classes, I was one among top ten percentile. I had been carried away by those pampering and respect which I earned from my teachers, moments of happiness and smile. While I grew older, I was surprised to see those students who couldn’t sketch any letter from English alphabets elevated on every class. I don’t know, I was literally wondering what on Earth could they get a promotion? , I wondered like never before. My curiosity lead to sneak-peaks and long questionnaires with those students who gets ‘large eggs’ at every other internal exam and gets promotion every other time. I asked them how did you pass? , Their answers were nothing more than we don’t know, I thought they were lying, but I later understood they weren’t.

My keen searches for truth behind this one lead to the point were the involvement of government caught red handed, the way they passed everywhere was just because of the governments propaganda to elevate the literacy rate of our state. I personally wonder  why on Earth these fake elevations of marks does any wonder to the benefit of students. I firmly believe there is no use of fake Statistic unless we have got a reason to do so, literacy rate hiking is absolutely useless and pointless. It contributes much toward the destruction of the competitive aspects of students, and very less toward the betterment of them.

I completed my Secondary School Leaving Certificate course on 2012, to my wonder that specific person whom I used to wonder due to his mysterious passing statistics again not failed to do the wonder, he was one among top performed students on tenth. He scored a whooping 73% in the tenth standard and he was admitted in the prestigious Higher secondary school in our district, in the stream of computer science. Thousands and hundreds of students were dying hard to get into the computer science stream at my school, they were the ones who legitimately scored the marks. But, this one who doesn’t know how to spell his name done the wonder and joined computer science, How? . He was a hero in misusing the loophole and he did it wonderfully here too. I have personally seen hundreds of hopeless tears while students failed to get into the stream they loved to get  for years.

Everyone else in India knows the results from Kerala is nothing more than merely exaggerated ones, Kerala’s rating system were purely exposed by leading journalists in India already, and yet the government forces to boost the result. The one who wrote a blunder answer would be getting marks since they wrote something, and which is purely a pity thing. I know, I believe and I witnessed the degradation of scoring level in exams ever since I got to know about the way the government boost results, that created some very useless stimuli in me, just write something and pass. But, somehow my teachers rescued me and now I feel like something was accomplished.

Do You Know?

Each and every teacher in district firmly affirms me that since the government’s decision to boost introduced the students turned out to dangerous, they became superior to teachers, they began to see school as a mere place for fun and enjoyment. In my school the authorities built a nice toilet for students to use, But if anyone could see that now; You will really understand what the new education system done to students, all of the toilet equipments are broken, students have developed a sense of destructive mentality, a sense of pessimism. Even the brightest so called students in every school calls their teachers’ names, names that one should never love to hear. All that has been happened. I believe, there is no going back.

The New News?

The education experts from various states in India began to raise their voice against Us, the Keralite students and authorities felt like this is the right time. The rolled back every change in an eye blink, the students who was degraded by the government in a same going to be humiliated by the new way of marking, the result might be having too much fluctuated results. We were brought up by feeding us everything we need and in a faction of a second, they told us to eat ourselves and we don’t know, How to.

The education and marking system should be undergoing a massive makeover, Or else, I repeat. The Keralite students should have to prefer construction works.

(To be continued, Stay tuned)

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